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Page: Share Secured Loan

[…] THE POSITIVE REPUTATION THAT YOU DESERVE Use your Savings (Share) Account or Share Certificate to borrow money and prove that you’re the smart bet for lenders. Page Menu BENEFITS RATES CALCULATORS FAQS OPEN AN ACCOUNT Thumbs Up class=”wrapper”> Simple To Use Use your balance from a Savings Account or Share Certificate as collateral. Funds are released as you make payments. Document class=”wrapper”> Transparent Terms Share Secured and Certificate Secured Loans allow for up to 90% loan amount/balance. Computer class=”wrapper”> Easy Application Easily apply online, at a RadiFi branch, or call us at 904-475-8000. Non-member applications welcome. Share and Certificate Secured Loan Rates Share and Certificate Secured Personal Loans Loan […] Read More

Page: Quick Cash Loan

[…] Apply NowNot a RadiFi member yet? Join today. Cash In Sixty Seconds Meet any financial obligation quickly and affordably with RadiFi’s Quick Cash Loan. Page Menu BENEFITS HOW IT WORKS CALCULATORS FAQS APPLY NOW Hands & Coins class=”wrapper”> Empower Your Payments Borrow up to $2,000 (first time loan amount max is $500) with a payment timeline of up to 12 months. Document class=”wrapper”> Common Sense Guidelines Quick Cash Loans are available to those aged 18 or older who have been RadiFi members for at least 12 months. Computer class=”wrapper”> Easy Application Submit your application entirely online via Digital Banking or call us at 904-475-8000 with any questions. Payment Examples Based on a 28% APR* LOAN AMOUNT LOAN AMOUNT $200 […] Read More

Page: Line of Credit

[…] be ready for anything. Apply NowNot a RadiFi member yet? Join today. Empowering and easy to use Conveniently access funds when and where you need them. Page Menu BENEFITS RATES CALCULATORS FAQS APPLY NOW Fast Forward class=”wrapper”> Revolving or Open-Ended We’ll be there when you need us. Your line of credit is available on an ongoing basis. Hand Money Bag class=”wrapper”> True Payment Power Meet any challenge with confidence. Additional advances on your credit line are permitted, not to exceed the credit limit set by RadiFi. Computer class=”wrapper”> Easy Application Count on a fast and easy application process at RadiFi. Members also enjoy convenient access to funds via Digital Banking. Rates Lines of Credit Loan Type Payment Terms […] Read More

Page: Personal Loan

[…] call them Signature Loans to reflect their simplicity as well as our belief in you. Satisfy your next financial obligation on terms that work for you. Page Menu BENEFITS RATES CALCULATORS FAQs APPLY NOW Hands & Coins class=”wrapper”> Pay Any Debt Our Signature Loans are a sensible choice for debt consolidation, medical expenses, appliance purchases, and much more. Account/Loan class=”wrapper”> Generous Loan Amounts Based on credit score and income, you may borrow from $500 to $30,000 to accomplish any financial goal in front of you. Computer class=”wrapper”> Easy To Apply Minimal paperwork coupled with our commitment to outstanding service generates a quick decision on your application. PERSONAL LOAN RATES Personal Loans Term Annual Percentage Rate* Estimated Payment […] Read More

Page: Personal Loans

[…] Join today. The Perfect Personal Financial Toolbox A variety of personal loans are ready to empower you to move past unanticipated costs and other financial challenges. Page Menu Benefits Rates Calculators FAQs Apply Now Account/Loan class=”wrapper”> Personal Loans Just you and your signature is enough to access the funds you need to overcome surprise expenses with a Personal Loan from RadiFi. Explore Personal Loans Credit Card class=”wrapper”> Line of Credit Be ready for anything with an open-ended Personal Line of Credit that allows additional advances on your credit line. Learn about Lines of Credit Shield class=”wrapper”> Overdraft Line of Credit Make overdraft fees a thing of the distant past. Establish an Overdraft Line of Credit to transfer funds into a Checking Account to prevent bounced checks. Visit Overdraft Lines of Credit Check class=”wrapper”> Quick Cash Loan Get a short term loan processed quickly and easily while also dodging excessive fees and charges with our Quick Cash Loan. Check out Quick Cash Loans Deposit class=”wrapper”> Share Secured Loan Start building a good credit history the easy way. Use a Savings Account or Share Certificate as collateral with funds released as you make payments. Discover Share […] Read More

Page: No Closing Cost Mortgage

No Closing Cost Mortgage New homeowners can keep more money in their pockets with RadiFi. Meet with Our Mortgage Experts Page Menu Benefits Who Pays What? Calculators FAQs Meet our Mortgage Expert Lower your out-of-pocket expenses the easy way A No Closing Cost mortgage lets you roll closing costs into your loan balance or rate*. Calendar class=”wrapper”> On your terms Choose a timeline that works for you and yours. 15, 20, and 30-year terms for fixed-rate loans are available**. Down Arrow class=”wrapper”> No PMI Option Available You may qualify for a lower monthly payment. Ask about our No Private Mortgage Insurance option. Hand Money Bag class=”wrapper”> Up To 100% Financing Don’t have the large down payment? Don’t worry. Inquire about 100% home financing today. Who Pays What? All of the costs and fees for a home sale or purchase are individually listed on a disclosure. Lenders call this the Closing Cost Details Disclosure, while title companies call this a Master Statement. Closing cannot take place until both of these forms match exactly. RadiFi will pay up to $5,000 in closing costs which includes the following: Recording Fees Recording Fees Transfer Taxes Transfer Taxes Credit Report Credit Report Flood Determination Fee Flood Determination Fee Tax Service Fee Tax Service Fee Title E Record Title E Record Title Endorsement Title Endorsement Title Lender’s Title Insurance Title Lender’s Title Insurance Title Settlement Fee Title Settlement Fee Title Search Title Search Title Administration Fee Title Administration Fee Property Appraisal Property Appraisal Recording Fees Fee set by the county to update their records regarding the ownership of the property. Transfer Taxes Paid to the state of Florida to transfer the name of the property tax records to the new owner. Credit Report A flat fee paid to the company that supplies your full credit report. Flood Determination Fee A flat fee paid to the company that researches flooding in the area to determine if you are in a flood zone. Tax Service Fee Paid to a tax servicing company to monitor the annual property taxes to ensure that they are paid on time and in full. Title E Record A nominal fee paid to the title company for electronic record keeping. Title Endorsement Expands the coverage of a standard owner’s title policy, by removing exceptions or by adding coverage specific to the property’s situation. Title Lender’s Title Insurance Paid to an insurance company that verifies that the title to the property is clear for transfer. Title Settlement Fee A flat fee charged by the title company for the use of their time and resources to complete the transaction. Title Search Fee paid to the company that researches the title to confirm that there are no outstanding liens against the property. Title Administration Fee Paid to the title company for their services including wire transfer, overnight mail, electronic document storage, and processing fees. Property Appraisal Conducted by a licensed property appraiser to determine the market value of the property using recent sales prices of similar properties in the area How Much Does A Mortgage Cost? Hand Money Bag class=”wrapper”> Mortgage Costs Paid by You Points – This is a % of the loan amount paid at closing to get a lower interest rate over the life of the loan. Electronic Document Delivery Fee – Usually a flat fee for the software used to securely send sensitive documents electronically. This saves you time and money since this is often less expensive than overnighting paper documents. Loan Processing Fee – A $995 fee paid to the lender to process all of the documents and coordinate all of the vendors involved in a transaction. Prepaid Interest – This is the amount of interest that would be due between the closing date and the date of your first regular mortgage payment. House class=”wrapper”> Other Recurring Expenses of Homeownership Homeowner’s Insurance – All lenders require a homeowner’s insurance policy to be in place for the duration of the mortgage. Mortgage Insurance – This insurance is usually required until the amount […] Read More

Page: Buy Your New Home

Buy Your New Home You’re closer to home than you think. Apply for a loanRun some numbers with our free calculators. Pick Your Path And We’ll Get You Home We’re right by your side with a variety of financing options for the largest and most rewarding transaction of your life. Conventional Mortgages Tried and true, our conventional mortgages offer competitive […] Read More

Page: Home Mortgage Loans

Home Mortgage Loans RadiFi is the easy way to make yourself at home. Apply NowRun some numbers with our free calculators. We Are Your Homegrown Solution We’re here to empower and guide our members during the entire homeowning journey from new home purchases and refinancing to home equity lines of credit, and much more. Buy Your New Home Home buying […] Read More

Page: IRAs

[…] 0.100% Account Coverdell ESA Minimum balance to earn dividends $5 Dividend rate 0.099% Annual Percentage Yield* 0.100% Open an IRA Account CRUNCH YOUR NUMBERS Run some numbers with our free calculators. *The information provided by these calculators is for illustrative purposes only and accuracy is not guaranteed. The values shown are hypothetical and may not be applicable to your individual […] Read More

Page: Wealth Solutions

[…] tax strategies, and much more — we build the plan, outline the strategies, and pay attention to the results. Read more CRUNCH YOUR NUMBERS Run some numbers with our free calculators. *The information provided by these calculators is for illustrative purposes only and accuracy is not guaranteed. The values shown are hypothetical and may not be applicable to your individual […] Read More
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