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Make Waves by Sharing Waves

RadiFi Members can open more than one 6-for-6 Share Certificate Special when they refer a family member or friend that is not a member of RadiFi to join the credit union and open a 6-for-6 Share Certificate Special.*

Hurry! Limited time only.


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Grow Your Savings Without Risk

Empower your money to earn more at 6.00% APY* when you open a RadiFi 6-Month Share Certificate Special. Rely on RadiFi to boost your savings with confidence.

Click here for complete disclosures and requirements. 

Your deposits are safe with us. All deposits are protected and federally insured by the NCUA. Funds are insured up to at least $250,000 per depositor.



6-Month Share Certificate Special

Take advantage of the 6-for-6 Certificate Special!

There are ways to open more than one of this share certificate!

If you’re an existing RadiFi member — refer a friend or family member to join RadiFi! If they join the credit union and open a checking account and a 6-Month Certificate at 6.00%, you as the referring member can open an additional 6-Month Share Certificate at 6.00% while this offer is available.

There is no limit to the number of referrals a member can refer.

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We believe in relationships.

We are all about serving people – earning your trust and understanding what’s important to you so we can guide you on your path forward.

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We believe in teamwork.

We are better together, so we team up to make a positive impact in people’s lives.

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We believe in dedication.

We strive to find the right solutions to say yes because we care about the success of others even if it takes a little more effort.

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We believe in possibilities.

We’re committed to your success and your potential to do amazing things.

Ready to dive in?

If you live, work, worship or go to school in Duval, Clay, St. Johns, Nassau, or Baker County, Florida– you’re eligible to join RadiFi Credit Union.

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Joining is easy!

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Join Online

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Join by phone

Give us a call at 904-475-8000.

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Meet with us

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Gather your personal info

Don’t forget to grab your Social Security Number and Driver’s License or state-issued photo ID (this includes a US Passport or current US Military ID).

Digital Banking


We empower our members with robust and versatile online & mobile banking platforms that are easy to use and give you full credit union access anywhere you are. Manage your finances with all of the modern-day conveniences you’ve come to expect.

With Digital Banking, you have access to the very best of RadiFi via phone, tablet, or computer– so that you can make waves wherever you go.

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We’re dedicated to empowering you, which fuels everything we do.

I have used this credit union for over 60 years for my financial activities and holdings and I have been a member of JAX Federal (now RadiFi) with almost unlimited access to the branch manager’s office and have always been treated like a member of the family.

— Bud D., Member

Less Eyeroll. More Bankroll.

When you join RadiFi Credit Union, we pull out all the stops.

Make time for vibrant living.

With easy digital banking, you can take back the time you spend at the bank to actually grab a bite on your lunch break or take a stroll outside. At RadiFi, you can handle your business and live a vibrant life.

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Dream big with the reality of great rates.

Thinking about buying that brand new home or financing that stylish new car. Do it right here, right now. If it’s your dream, we’ll help you make it easy and affordable to achieve.

dream big with great rates

Build a relationship with a team that empowers you.

We’re more than just a credit union. We’re a partner that you can count on for life. We wink at challenges and get the job done every time.

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Join RadiFi to reimagine how you bank.

Come Join Us

RadiFi vs. Banks

  • Type of Organization

    Type of Organization

  • Who can join

    Who can join

  • Invested in

    Invested in

  • Deposits federally insured

    Deposits federally insured

  • Governance


  • Interactions with like financial institutions

    Interactions with like financial institutions


  • Type of Organization

    Not-for-profit – Fewer fees, better rates

    As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, we return our profits to our members in the form of better rates, lower fees, and greater service.

  • Who can join


    RadiFi’s membership is open to anyone we serve, including the family of eligible members.

  • Invested in

    Community Members

    We serve the needs of our membership and community by investing our non-interest income and interest from loans in local organizations working to make a difference. 

  • Deposits federally insured

    NCUA Insured ($250k)

    Your deposits are insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) and are backed by the faith and credit of the United States Government.

  • Governance

    Member Owned

    Each member can exercise their voting rights to fill seats on the Board of Directors. The directors advocate for membership.

  • Interactions with like financial institutions


    Credit Unions are financial cooperatives. That means we work together toward one common goal– helping our members prosper. 


  • Type of Organization

    For-profit – More fees, worse rates

    Traditional banking institutions primarily focus on generating profits for their shareholders with no added benefits to their customers. 

  • Who can join


    You cannot join a bank, but anyone can be a customer. 

  • Invested in

    Generating revenue

    Banks use the income they generate from fees, interest, business accounts and investments to increase their shareholders’ earnings. 

  • Deposits federally insured

    FDIC Insured ($250k)

    At a bank, your deposits are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and are backed by the full faith of the United States Government. 

  • Governance

    Stakeholder Owned

    Banks are governed by their shareholders. Voting rights depend on the number of shares you own leaving regular customers out of decisions. 

  • Interactions with like financial institutions


    Banks are competitive. They compete with one another for your business and see you only as a number. 


*To qualify for this offer, the referred individual must not have a primary membership at RadiFi Credit Union and must open a new primary saving and checking account and meet all requirements and open a 6 for 6 share certificate special. Once this information has been verified, the referring member will qualify to open an additional 6 for 6 share certificate special. This offer is subject to change or be revoked at any time without notice.

APY = Annual Percentage Yield. APY accurate as of May 25, 2023. Limited to one per member. RadiFi deserves the right to end or modify this offer at any time. The 6-month promo certificate has a minimum balance of $500 and a $15,000 maximum balance.  100% of funds deposited must be new money not currently on deposit in any RadiFi deposit account.  Account must have an open checking account. The account must have a Direct Deposit equal to $1,000 per month within 45 days of account opening.  If this requirement has not been satisfied by the 45th day, your certificate will be converted to a regular 6-month certificate and your certificate dividend rate will be reduced to the prevailing dividend rate of a regular 6-month certificate for the remainder of the term of the certificate. If in any month during the period from 45 days after account opening to the end of the term of the certificate, $1,000 is not directly deposited into your checking account the certificate will be converted to a regular 6-month certificate and your certificate rate will be reduced to the prevailing dividend rate of the regular 6-month certificate for the remainder of the term of the certificate. Fees may reduce earnings. Penalty for early withdrawal. Dividends are credited monthly.
Read complete Truth-in-Savings Certificate Disclosure.

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