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Governance & Volunteering

Leadership and service at RadiFi.

Board of Directors

The seven members of RadiFi Federal Credit Union’s Board of Directors are dedicated, unpaid volunteers who are elected by their fellow members to ensure the credit union is operated in their best interests. This unique mode of governance is one of the ways credit unions are different than banks.

Chuck McLeod

Charles T. McLeod

Rodomir Desir headshot governance

Rodomir Désir

Vice Chairman
Patrick ONeill headshot governance

Patrick O’Neill

Jenna Dobbins

Jenna Dobbins

Senovia Portis

Senovia L. Portis

Joseph Sharp headshot governance

Joseph W. Sharp

C Eugene Worth headshot governance

C. Eugene Worth




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Director Emeritus

Ernest L. Webster

Bruce Dickinson

Supervisory Committee

RadiFi’s Supervisory Committee is also comprised of volunteers who are responsible for overseeing the auditing function and overseeing the Board of Directors.

The Supervisory Committee welcomes your suggestions, comments, or concerns, and may be contacted by U.S. Mail or by e-mail at the following addresses:

Supervisory Committee
c/o RadiFi Credit Union
P.O. Box 551321
Jacksonville, Florida 32255-1321
[email protected]

Ed Teller headshot governance

Ed Teller

Dan Longhi headshot governance

Dan Longhi

Joe Putz headshot governance

Joe Putz

Rodomir Desir headshot governance

Rodomir DÉSIR


Carter Rose


Volunteer Application

If you’re interested in joining our Board of Directors or Supervisory Committee, please submit your information to our nominating committee.

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