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Merchant Services

Meet your new teammate for success.

Much More Than A Middleman

We’ve partnered with Elavon, a leading provider of payment services, to bring you the headache-free payment processing services your business operation demands.

More Than A Quarter Century Of Experience

Whether it’s online, in person, in app, curbside, or over the phone transactions, Elavon has the experience and expertise to ensure fast and secure payments of all sizes.

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Accept all major credit and debit cards, ACH, electronic checks, and digital wallet payments – including Google Pay™ and Apple Pay™ with Elavon.

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Strong encryption and tokenization technology via the Safe-T suite security solution protects payment data from prying eyes.


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Businesses never sleep. Neither should your Merchant Services provider. Rely upon Elavon for 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year customer support from a dedicated account manager.

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Stay a step or two ahead of the competition — smart devices, EMV terminals, mobile wallet acceptance, omnichannel platforms, tablet-based POS solutions, and more are accessible with Elavon.

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Inform every decision with the reporting data that you need to guide your business. Easily monitor your account at anytime via a convenient online portal where you can access interactive online statements, sales, funding, payments activities, and more.

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There’s no time to twiddle thumbs when you have a business to run. Take advantage of a suite of funding options that can provide access to funds within two to three days, same day, or even within hours.


What Do I Need To Know?

  1. The business entity must be listed as “Active” with the State of Florida (
  2. Your business must be located within RadiFi’s field of membership.
  3. All business owners and signers must be separately eligible for membership and all personal accounts with RadiFi must be in good standing.
  4. All owners must sign to authorize account opening.
  5. Additional signers must also sign the appropriate documentation in order to be placed on the account.
  6. All owners and signers must have a valid/current form of government issued ID.
  7. Anyone with 25% or more ownership must provide their information for the Beneficial Owner Certification Form.

How Do I Open A Business Account with RadiFi?

Please bring the following documentation to any RadiFi branch to open a Business Account:

• Copy of Driver’s License (must be current/valid).
• Proof of Employer ID Number (EIN) or Social Security Number.
• Fictitious name filing with State of Florida if using a DBA name.

• Copy of Partnership Agreement.
• Fictitious Name Filing if Applicable.
• Proof of Employer ID Number (EIN).
• Verification of principal business address for the business.

• Copy of Articles of Organization or most recent Amendment to the Articles of Organization
• Proof of Employer ID Number (EIN) (Multi-Member LLC’s) or Social Security Number (Single-Member LLC’s).
• Active Fictitious Name Filing with LLC listed as owner (if LLC is using DBA).
• Verification of principal business address for the business.

• Copy of Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Amendment
• Copy of Driver’s License for all signers (must be current/valid).
• Proof of Employer ID number (EIN).
• Active Fictitious Name Filing with Corporation listed as owner (if using DBA).
• Verification of principal business address for the business.

• Copy of Articles of Incorporation (if Incorporated), Bylaws or Minutes stating the officers representing the
• Copy of Driver’s License for all signers (must be current/valid).
• Proof of Employer ID Number (If using the EIN of another club or association then a letter from the EIN owner
giving permission to use EIN is required).
• A letter from the organization that acknowledges the account opening, confirms the authorized members able to
open the account(s), and signed by an authorized officer representing the organization.
• Verification of principal business address for the business

All new memberships are subject to review and approval. Credit union programs, services, rates, terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.


Get your free competitive analysis and let Elavon find the right solution for your business. Call our Business Relationship Manager, Brian Pavek, at 904-475-8085 to get started.

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