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Youth Savings Accounts

If good habits begin early, why not start today?

Enjoy Savings Success With No Learning Curve

Give your youngest an early edge with an interest* bearing Youth Savings Account packed with features and functions they need the most.

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Digital Banking

The best digital banking tools for tech-savvy young people. All free.

Let your young ones check balances and more with their favorite devices and on their own schedule.

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Earn Interest*

Introduce your youngest to the power of compounding.

Earn interest* on balances over $100.00 (compounded and paid monthly based on the daily balance).

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Direct Deposit

Don’t let your young ones get bogged down with routine financial tasks.

Save time with the convenience of electronic deposits of paychecks with Direct Deposit.

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Low Minimums

A long journey starts with a small step.

Open a Youth Savings account with an initial deposit of at least $10 (includes $5 membership fee and $5 starter deposit).

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Free Convenience

Your choice of free eStatements or free mailed statements and no charge for transactions completed in one of our branches, through our Contact Center, or CO-OP Shared Branches.

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Open A Youth Savings Account Today

Opening a Teen Savings Account requires a branch visit. Please bring your social security number and a school ID or other form of identification to any RadiFi branch.

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The Credit Union Difference

*In credit unions, members are owners. Therefore, interest equals dividends.

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