Multi-Factor Authentication

An added layer of security for your RadiFi Digital Banking login process

The safety and security of our members is a top priority for us. That’s why we require multi-factor authentication (MFA) as part of your RadiFi Digital Banking login process. MFA provides an added layer of protection in the verification process used to confirm your identity when you login to online and mobile banking, and to prevent any unauthorized attempts to access your account. In addition to entering your username and password, a one-time use verification code will be sent by SMS text message, email or voice call to the telephone number or email address associated with your RadiFi account. The code must be entered and submitted for confirmation to access your online or mobile banking account.


It is important that the telephone numbers and email address listed on your account are accurate to ensure the MFA process works smoothly for you. You can update your personal information in online and mobile banking. In mobile banking, select the More menu option, select Settings, then select Profile. In online banking, click on the profile icon located in the upper right corner, then select Profile.


We regularly update our security measures to ensure we provide the latest and best protection possible for our members. On September 7th, we are going to add MFA for new devices to our MFA login process. If you login to RadiFi Online or Mobile banking using a new device or browser, or do not have cookies enabled, you will be required to pass the MFA process before you can proceed with the login process. Once the device is registered, that specific device will not be MFA challenged again so long as the app remains installed, or the cookies saved on the device remain intact.


If you forget your username or password, you can quickly and easily use the Forgot Username or Forgot Password links located in the Digital Banking Login box located in Online Banking. The Forgot Username or password links are located underneath the login button in mobile banking.

Digital Banking login


If you have questions or need assistance with digital banking, please call us at 904-475-8000 or visit your neighborhood branch. We’re here to help.

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