How do I qualify for Courtesy Pay?

Sometimes life can catch you off guard. If you have not pre-planned by requesting an overdraft line of credit, then we may pay your overdrawn items for you! Based on your deposit history and length of membership determine eligibility, we may waive the overdraft for a small fee if you are in good standing.

Your loan and credit card accounts with us are not past due.
You are not in default on any loan or other obligation with us.
There are no legal, administrative orders or levies against your account.
There are no pending bankruptcies or financial counseling arrangements.
Your mailing address record is current with us.
Your contact information with us is up to date.
There is no excessive use of Pay Day Lenders.
There is no excessive Courtesy Pay activity or abuse.
Once Courtesy Pay is used, any negative balance must be brought positive within 15 days*.

*We would like to clarify that when you bring your account positive, it must remain positive through close of business the same day.

Here is an example: Let’s say your account has been negative for 14 days. You make a deposit at noon bringing the balance positive but later that same day the account goes negative and remains negative at the close of business. On the following day, your account would have been negative for 15 days.

  • If your account is still negative after 15 days, Courtesy Pay is suspended. You will not be eligible for reinstatement until the 25th of the following month. If your account is still negative after 25 days, Courtesy Pay will be terminated.
  • At 45 days, we will report any negative balance to the credit reporting agencies as a charge off. Any negative balances after charge-off may be referred to an outside collection agency.
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