How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?

Your paycheck can be electronically deposited into your RadiFi Credit Union account.
Download our Direct Deposit Authorization

  • Direct Deposit Information:
    ◦ Dial Direct Deposit for SSA and SSI: (800) 772-1213
  • RadiFi’s “Routing Transit Number” is 263079234. We’ll be glad to give you the account numbers you need to take to your employer.

Your complete “Account Number” for electronic processing should total 13-digits, ex: for a deposit into your checking account the account number would be similar to: 10200000XXXXX, though the first three digits could be different depending on your share ID, and where the last 5 ‘X’s are your account number.

For a deposit into your savings account the account number would be: 10100000XXXXX). Note: If you have a 6-digit account number, then you would only have 4 ‘0000’s between the three initial numbers and your account number. You must enter the complete Account Number for your direct deposit to accurately post to the correct account.

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