How to use RadiFi’s Secure Email System?

The Secure Messaging Portal allows recipients of a secure message to read it and respond. It requires users to log in with their email address and secure messaging password before any messages can be accessed.

When a secure message is sent to you by a Mimecast user, you’ll receive an email notification like the one below.


Secure messaging screenshot

To access the Secure Messaging Portal:

  1. Click the link in the notification message. The Secure Messaging Portal login dialog is displayed.
  2. Enter your Email Address.
  3. Click the Next button. The Password field is displayed.
  4. Enter your Secure Messaging Portal Password.
    If this is your first time logging in to the Secure Messaging Portal, see the First Time Users section below. If you already have login details for the Closed Circuit Messaging (CCM) Portal, these same details will work for the Secure Messaging Portal.
  5. Click the login button. The Secure Messaging Portal is displayed.


First Time Users

If this is the first time you have accessed the Secure Messaging Portal, you’ll receive a separate email with the login details required to access the Secure Messaging Portal. This includes the email address to use and a temporary password. This password must be changed as part of the login process. This new password can then be used whenever you access the Secure Messaging Portal in the future.



To change your password:


  1. Enter the Password displayed in the second email notification in the top field.

    If you use the “copy and paste” feature to copy the initial password, check this does not add an extra space at the end of the password. If it does, this will create an error preventing you from logging in.

  2. Enter a New Password in the middle field.
  3. Confirm the New Password in the bottom field.
  4. Ensure the password meets Mimecast’s requirements.
  5. Click on the Confirm button. The Secure Messaging Portal is displayed.
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