What is a debit card & how does it work?

A debit card is linked to your RadiFi checking account. You can use it anywhere Visa® is accepted, or use it to withdraw, transfer or deposit money through our ATM network. Using a debit card, you can make a purchase at a merchant and the money will come out of your RadiFi checking account. You can also select to get cash back when making a purchase at most retail stores.

When you use your debit card, the merchant will place a hold* for the funds of your transaction. This will show as a pending transaction within your account inside Digital or Mobile Banking.

*Please note that this is a hold put in by the merchant (not RadiFi). When the merchant completes the transaction, then the money is withdrawn from your account and shows in your cleared transactions. Some merchants may take longer to process the transactions, and you may have a transaction listed as pending for a few days.

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