Can I overdraw my account from debit card purchases?

Yes, your checking account can be overdrawn with a debit card. Regularly checking your account balance using Digital Banking or a Mobile App can help prevent overdrafts. Please keep in mind that your debit card transactions process along with other transactions in your checking account. If you have checks clear later, you can find yourself overdrawn while using your debit card. It is important to keep a running balance on the account so that you know how much money you have available to you.

For example, a debit card transaction may not have cleared quickly, and your balance was larger than it should have been. Or, a deposit could have been delayed, leaving you with insufficient funds to cover your withdrawals.

If you have opted-in for Courtesy Pay on your debit card, then we allow you to overdraw your checking account to a certain dollar amount and simply charge you fees for each transaction that we pay into the negative.

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