What if my teen loses their debit card?

Report lost or stolen debit cards immediately to 866-559-4806

We encourage the teens to load the card into Apple Pay or Google Pay so they don’t have to carry a card with them at all. We know they will be carrying their phones and won’t lose those. Also, losing a debit card is better than losing cash. If a child has cash and they lose it it’s gone forever. If they lose a debit card, we can shut it down and sometimes recover funds. We encourage your teen to call us if they lose their debit card. Card replacement fees apply.

We will deactivate your debit card. The next business day, we will need to speak to you to verify recent transactions. You can visit your nearest RadiFi branch to have a new debit card issued or upon your request, we can mail a new debit card to you that you would receive within 7-10 business days.

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